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Building CS

If you are interested to view the progress of my project, you can do that by checking out via SVN the CS hair branch (no account needed) .

After that you have to compile the source code. Until the project is finished and integrated in CS, probably in v2.0, this will be the only way in which you can see the hair plugin.

Next, I am going to present how you can do this on Windows, using Microsoft Visual Studio C++. If you are interested in compiling CS on other platforms or operating system, you can always check the manual.

  1. Download and install CS dependencies. Luckily, there is a package for Windows users, that installs all these dependencies and sets up the environment. You can download from here the latest version either for win32 or x64 architectures (the current one is 1.9_006).
  2. Set up VC support and install windows libraries to the /CS directory (the one where you SVN checkout-ed).
  3. Open wkstypical.sln, build and run.

That’s it.

But keep in mind that although MSVC is probably the easiest way to compile and run CS, it’s not by far the best way. If you want to make a new project or plugin you have to run a script in order to do that, and you will have to set up other environments for that (MSYS or Cygwin). And when you will see that the MSVC compiler is rather poor in performance when compared with the other compilers, you might want to switch to another environment, like I did.

LE: Almost forgot, if you have problems with incremental linking when compiling, you can either disable it, compile with Release instead of Debug, or install this hotfix from Microsoft.

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