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What I want

Seeing that there are a lot of non-real-time modelling programs that can handle hair simulation and rendering, used especially for the film industry, such as Maya, 3DS Max or the open source Blender, and a couple of dedicated real-time applications, like those from NVIDIA, I realized that there is no 3D engine that can both simulate and render human hair in real-time.

This is exactly what I want from this project: to make a plugin in CS, that can be used in any scene of this modern, open source 3D engine.

And in a few words, this is how I want to do it:

  1. Use Bullet plugin to represent hair as ropes for the physics simulation
  2. Generate hair geometry, by interpolating the ropes’ positions
  3. Write a special shader for hair rendering, most likely Marschner
  4. Extend from hair to fur
  5. Make a Blender importer / exporter or write a small editor for hair in CS
  6. Self-shadowing, using opacity maps (this one is optional, actually)

All of this till 16th of August 🙂

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