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GSoC final deadline

The final GSoC deadline is tomorrow, or rather the firm ‘pencils down’ date, so I have decided to make a really short self-evaluation of the features I’ve managed to implement.

Done :

  • Generate geometry – iFurMaterial (until the midterm)
  • Animate geometry – iFurPhysicsControl (until the midterm)
  • Write specific shaders – iFurStrandGenerator (until the midterm)
  • External parameters – density and height maps, 3D textures, etc.
  • LOD system and optimizations – iFurMesh inherits from iMeshObject
  • Extend from hair to fur – thanks to Frankie the squirrel

There is still some code rearranging to be done, but nothing much, really: deciding what classes should inherit from what interfaces, making loaders and savers for the mesh, just better organizing the code.

I leave you with this footage of the CS fur plugin as it is now (the FPS is actually double than in the video and above 60 on release settings and ~30 FPS on debug):

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