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The story

Okay, so you might say Hair Simulation and Rendering … where’d you get that idea from ?!

About 1,5 year(s) ago I had a project that involved a sorting algorithm on the GPU and found out a very interesting way in which it could be used: ‘Real-Time Approximate Sorting for Self Shadowing and Transparency in Hair Rendering’. More details on Ulf Assarsson’s  homepage.

So, this year when I had to choose what to do for my final project I remembered what was the most intriguing usage of an algorithm I stumble upon during my four years of faculty.

At the beginning I though of implementing this application using CUDA or OpenCL, believing that it would be easier to write sorting algorithms (or physics) on the GPU, using those technologies, and not caring too much about compatibility. However, after some discussions on the Crystal Space mailing list, I realized that if I wanted to make a program that could really be used in a 3D rendering engine I would have to go with shaders.

Soon after this I was given the opportunity to start writing a plugin in CS for the 2010 GSoC programme.

Real-Time Approximate Sorting for Self Shadowing and Transparency in Hair Rendering
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